Carrie Ball Pet Bereavement Counselling

A service as individual as your grief




Do any of the following sound familiar?


Feeling guilty

Feel like it was too soon

Feel like you could have done more

No one wants to listen

No one gets it

Can't see a way through

Lost, dont know how to get past this


If you don't seek support then you are potentially facing a long time feeling like this.   


Do any of the following sound like something you want and need?

Clarity. Support. Sympathy. Reasoning. A different perspective.

A way through.

If the answer is yes then I can help you.


Do you want to be: Supported, heard, understood?

Do you want to feel better or feel able to move forwards?

All this is possible with my support.


Even if you don't think you are feeling 'bad enough' or don't feel that counselling would help, I ask you to try it.

Just one session can be all it takes to make sense of what you're feeling and help you.

You've nothing to lose, no pressure, no spam just a person who has been there and has the experience and knowledge to help you.

E mail me at

Phone or text me on 07522202498

WhatsApp me on the above number.

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Sessions are an hour. 


I'm ready to listen when you're ready to talk.

Carrie Ball VCA, ACC Dip PBC,Cert Pet Beeavement BC

Why my service?


I qualified in 2001 as a Pet Bereavement Counsellor.

This was after I saw my very first ever euthanasia at 18 years old.

I was working in a veterinary practice at the time and had never seen this happen before.

I remember being absolutely hysterical afterwards.

I knew then that I couldn't stand the thought of someone being so upset and having no support whatsoever.

Or worse feeling like they were a burden, or that they were somehow wrong for feeling the way they did.

I wanted to help people, I want people to know that they aren't alone, they aren't being silly. They aren't going mad and there is a way through.

I've seen many losses in my time as a Veterinary Care Assistant, some expected and some not. Some losses that were quite horrific and hard to get over.

I have lost my own pets too, and just recently I lost Eddie one of my rats. 

'Loss is a loss no matter the species' so no matter the size or type of companion you are grieving over, I am here. No judgement, just understanding.



Take Care.

Carrie Ball

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Cloud 9 Vets, in house euthanasia service.


When the time comes you may want to let your pet go at home. where they feel safe and secure. You may be unsure about whether the time is right, unsure about how the  appointmnent will go, so many questions that you need answers to.

Contact Cloud 9 vets, for professional, caring and truly compassionate advice and support. The vets will spend some time with you before and  after allowing you to ask any questions, and go ahead when you are ready.

When the time comes your pet will be treated with respect and care and love.

A dignified passing, in the comfort of your home.

Cloud 9 vets, highly recommended.



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