A service as individual as your grief



I have over 16 years experience as a pet bereavement counsellor and I have also worked in veterinary practice as a VCA for over 16 years. I use my experiences to help you through your grief. I send out a questionnaire prior to a consult so i can tailor the support to suit your needs.

When it feels like you are drowing in your grief, talk to someone that can keep you afloat.

I saw my first euthanasia at 18 years old, on work experience at a veterinary practice. I was absolutely hysterical, and it wasn't even my dog. I thought to myself 'if I feel this bad about a dog I had never met before now, how did the owners feel?' I wanted to make sure that no one ever felt that they were alone, that they had someone to talk to.


More importantly I wanted people to know that the loss is valid, it does matter and I do get itand understand.


Working in veterinary practice I have seen many a pet pass away, or seen some that had already passed, or held many a pet that wasn't mine and whispered goodnight into many a velvet ear.


I have seen some sights that wil never leave me, so believe me when I say there is not much I haven't seen. 


I will work with you  and support you for as long as you need.



Time, it never seems long enough

I help anyone that has lost a pet through death or those that have gone missing. I also help those that have received bad news. It doesn't matter whether the loss was recent or from years or months ago. If you need to talk about the loss then I am here.  

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Appointments are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays and other days subject to prior advance booking and notice.


Prices are as follows 


Face to face consults  £55 1 hour.  If more than 1 person (max 2) £65. (Wheelchair access is available)


Phone consult £30 1 hour 


E mail consult  £20


For International face to face consults I use ZOOM £35 converted into the currency of your country.


All clients will receive a printed breakdown of the consultation.



Payment can be made by Bank transfer or debit or credit card or cash. 


Discounts may be available please ask for details 



Cloud 9 Vets, in house euthanasia service.




When the time comes you may want to let your pet go at home. where they feel safe and secure. You may be unsure about whether the time is right, unsure about how the  appointmnent will go, so many questions that you need answers to.

Contact Cloud 9 vets, for professional, caring and truly compassionate advice and support. The vets will spend some time with you before and  after allowing you to ask any questions, and go ahead when you are ready.

When the time comes your pet will be treated with respect and care and love.

A dignified passing, in the comfort of your home.

Cloud 9 vets, highly recommended.




A fantastic company offering unique gifts as a tribute to  a beloved pet

Have a look on their website or Facebook @nameastaruk

Beautiful certificate and presentation.